WELCOME to our Disclaimer Page Regarding Energy Healing,
Prayers, and Energy Works.

If you are about to request our distant energy healing and/or prayers services, we ask that you read the following disclaimer, so that you will become more fully informed about our unique energy healing and prayer services.

OUR DISCLAIMER: We approach this work with great integrity and give our very best efforts to each individual requesting our unique energy healing and prayers services. However, we cannot guarantee healing and prayer results of any kind. We believe anyone that would guarantee any healing and prayer results in any healing or health matter would be venturing into a serious error in judgement which could leave the guarantor open to the possibility of serious personal karmic repercussions.

As such and simply stated, "Any direct or implied guarantee of success with any of our energy healing or prayers services would be inappropriate and misleading. Therefore, we make no guarantees about our energy healing or prayer services!"

When we enter into this energy oriented healing and prayer work, we seek to humbly serve as vehicles for the Universal Divine Energy, Power and Love on behalf of those seeking our assistance. We always ask to serve according to the highest good of those individuals requesting help and in accordance with the Divine Light,Love and Power. While we can report many satisfied clients, i.e., individuals reporting favorable outcomes following our intervention, our unique services are not a panacea! There are many factors that contribute to illness of body, mind and spirit, apart from dirty and negative energy. Many of these factors can be karmic in nature and are appropriately not under our control. We are not a substitute for more traditional health care and you are advised to consider seeking help for your health challenges from other qualified health care professionals, in addition to the help we might offer. WE OFFER THIS "DISCLAIMER" TO YOU IN FULL HONESTY AND INTEGRITY, SO THAT YOU MIGHT APPROACH OUR SERVICES WITH A REASONABLE EXPECTATION OF RESULTS. Please, consider all of these factors before you request any of our Energy healing and Prayers services or products. Peace and Love be with you...


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